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Do you have a technology project ?

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Why are we different ?

Our passion for technology and innovation is the essence behind everything we do.

We closely follow technological innovations seeking to integrate them both in the development of customized solutions and in the creation of our own products.

Our services include :

  • Technology Consulting
  • Research and Development
  • Use of the most recent technologies
  • Use of "Open Source" technologies
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Own Infrastructure
  • Competitive Pricing

Featured Projects

Castelo de Marvão
Olive Oil

Production Controll System
  • Server-side Application (PHP/MySQL)
  • Mobile Android / iOS Application
  • QR-Code Technology
  • SMS Notifications
  • LAN / Wi-fi Infrastructure

Online Store
Confeitaria Santa Luzia

  • Exclusive Design
  • Payments by Ref. Multibanco (PT)
  • Shipping by Carrier
  • Facebook Integration

Figueiró dos Vinhos

Web Portal
  • ROCKETcms
  • Exclusive Design
  • Local Weather
  • Facebook Integration

On the current demanding market, we make the difference . Wanna bet ?

Our approach

The Analysis phase begins with the customer contact.

At this stage we seek to understand their particular needs and identify the objectives that the solution must achieve.

Thus the requirements are defined and we are able to proceed to the design phase of the solution.

In the Design phase, we determine the set of technologies, methods and processes that will make up the solution and how they interact to ensure the desired result.

The design will be achieved in close collaboration with the customer in order to get the best results that meet the identified needs.

It is in the Implementation phase the XYLE team goes from theory to practice and materializes the designed solution, adding a dash of audacity and boldness.

This is where the Research and Development that we love so much, reveals as a trump, often allowing the implementation of solutions that not only meet their objectives, but overcome such objectives.

The Tests phase is particularly important with regard to ensure the effectiveness of the solution produced.

It is essential that the solution is tested in various scenarios, so that in case of identified requirements, correction and / or improvement operations of the solution, can take place.

Finally the solution is set on the production environment where it is expected to fulfill all the requirements for which it was designed.

Throughout the life cycle of the solution we can expect the existence of interventions to correct identified problems and / or maintenance or improvement operations that result in increased performance of the solution.

What people are saying about us

We've worked with Telmo on many occasions and he's come through for us with total professionalism and solid work. Beyond his knowledge of programming, Telmo has an amazing talent of proposing great solutions when a problem is posed to him. There aren't enough guys like Telmo.

Arny Pollack

Dice Media, www.dicemedia.com

The platform that XYLE designed for the Sociedade Agrícola António Picado Nunes Lda., reduced costs, facilitated the management process on the plant and has become a crucial element to justify and support decisions to be made.

António Melara

Sociedade Agrícola António Picado Nunes, www.castelodemarvao.pt

The challenge set to XYLE consisted on the implementation of an e-learning solution for ACT. On the project, XYLE demonstrated the profound knowledge on the proposed solution as well as a total commitment to the project. The combination of these factors resulted in a solution perfectly suited to our needs and expectations.

Alexandre Marques

Autoridade Para As Condições Do Trabalho, www.act.gov.pt

Working with XYLE proves to be a constant challenge in the search for innovative solutions that keep pace with developments, enabling the emergence of a final work of quality.

Dr. Luís Silveirinha

Município de Figueiró dos Vinhos, www.cm-figueirodosvinhos.pt

Working with XYLE has been a great experience, especialy with Telmo who has demonstrated his expertise every time we have requested for tecnical assistance. He always is available for any problem solving matter, which in our line of work is very important. Excelente work!!

Claudio Barquett

Masbaratos.cl , www.masbaratos.cl

Our customers

  • Exclusive Design
    Website Development
    ROCKETcms Service
    Domain Registration
    eBook Editing
  • Linux Server Installation
    Installation / config of open-source e-learning application
  • Exclusive Design
    Website Development
    ROCKETcms Service
  • Logo Design
    Web Hosting Service
    Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting Service
    Technical Consulting
  • Adapted Design
    Website Development
    ROCKETcms Service
  • Exclusive Design
    Website Development
    ROCKETcms Service
    Domain Registration
  • Adapted Design
    Website Development
    Web Hosting Service

  • Logo Design
    Exclusive Design
    Exclusive Design
    Web Hosting Service
    Domain Registration
  • Adapted Design
    Website Development